Feet First” the new album by Greenlandic folk pop singer Nive & The Deer Children was recorded between 2012 and 2015 all over the world: Greenland, Denmark, Belgium and England. Also all over the United States in Tucson Arizona, Athens Georgia, Lexington Kentucky, Nashville Tennessee and Asheville North Carolina. “I thought it was an amazing experience to travel while making this record. I feel that if you constantly change your surroundings and not get stuck in one place you will constantly change your perception and not get stuck with just one idea. I just wanted these songs to grow with me on my travels and they did just that.” Nive says.

The first track on the album "Still the Same" for example would have never had that cumbia rhythm at the end without going to southern Arizona and playing with Howe Gelb and his Tucson crew in the comfort of their own homes. Also, the same goes for songs like "Tulugaq", track four. I wrote that song along with a set of twelve year old twin girls from a foster care far up north in Uummannaq, Greenland. It was the very last song recorded for the album and would have never happened if I recorded this album traditionally in one place.”

Also, appearing on “Feet First” are artist and friends such as Howe Gelb, Ralph Carney, Teitur, and John Parish. The album is released on  Glitterhouse Records


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