TO ROCOCO ROT - new album


The upcoming To Rococo Rot album „Instrument“ is their fourth album released on City Slang. The band is famous for their distinctive, colorfully woven sound that floats freely between the musical spheres and incorporates hints of Dub, Electronica, Ambient, Field Recordings, Library Music & Noise. On the new album though, they take a huge leap into unknown territory, the realms of Singing and Songwriting. Yet, one does not simply walk into new areas without a guide, int this case, they picked Arto Lindsay to accompany the journey and even sing (a first! for to rococo rot) on three of these tracks.

Though melodies have always been a big part of their sound, the inclusion of a human voice is a distinctive modification. It sits perfectly within the warm timbres created by To Rococo Rot.

The pulsing opener ‘Many Descriptions’ is a bold opening statement; with Lindsay’s breezy vocals the focal point. “Instrument“ is still unmistakably To Rococo Rot; with recognisable complex landscapes of sound and structure that they have practised and made their own.

To Rococo Rot at City Slang


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