The Dodos release No Color


Rhythms, beats and melody have driven Dodos (published by Mute Song) since 2005, and the band are once again at their magnetic best, singing, strumming, banging and beating their way through their fourth LP ’No Color’.
Reunited with Portland producer John Askew, the man behind the boards of the Dodos’ first two full-lengths, ’Beware of the Maniacs’ and their breakthrough album ’Visiter’, the band return  to a more psych-folk sound for what could very well be the best album of their career so far.
The main focus of ’No Color’ was to distill the frenzied folk approach that’s been there since the beginning. And it works, from the dagger-drawing dynamics and brain-burrowing choruses of “Black Night” to the hairpin turns and splashy percussion of “Good.” Other highlights include the instrumental break of “Don’t Stop” and the sneak attack solo that weaves its way around the steely rhythms of “Don’t Try and Hide It.”
Lyrically, ’No Color’ is a step in a new direction for Dodos with a noticeably more impressionistic lyrical approach freeing up the songs with phrasing that is rhythmically and thematically more locked in than ever before to what is happening sonically - words acts in tandem with the dizzying momentum accumulated on this set of anthemic and optimistic set of songs.

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