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Set for release on 29 March 2010, Speculation is the new, perfectly titled, To Rococo Rot album, recorded in part at Faust’s studio at Scheer.

To Rococo Rot,
the trio of Stefan Schneider and brothers Robert and Ronald Lippok, arrived just over a decade ago at the point where digital precision and instrumental abstraction were lead into new directions in contemporary music. Their early albums, Veiculo and The Amateur View, spoke in the future imperfect tense, highly complex but concentrated sound happenings.

On Speculation the language has changed. This is a record that celebrates uncertainty. Driven by the sound of fingers on instruments, pushing and weaving between the electric pulse, Speculation  bathes in a midpoint between propulsion and letting go. According to Schneider, Faust’s studio had an obvious effect on this new direct approach:

“The atmosphere at the Faust studio was really special as it is located in a remote rural region of southern Germany. The technical set up at the studio is very basic and regular in a good way. So we could record our music almost like a band playing a live show in order to achieve maximum brilliance and plasticity.”

“Jochen Irmler of Faust would join us from time to time or he would just start to play something on his self built organ which we would accompany. The sound of his organ is absolutely unique and sharp and therefore fitted very much to the roughness of our recordings. Maybe that is what we call the amateur view.”

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