Debut Album Dilation
Relase March 23, 2015 on Film Recordings

“’Dilation’ “ is a physical term for expansion and widening.
How far can you go with a piano? How much can you get out of it, soundwise?
That`s what the two fine musicians Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel want to find out with their project Grandbrothers.
They create a sound that combines classical composition with modern, experimental production and sound design.
Erol and Lukas deliberately restrict themselves to the sounds of the grand piano across the album, modern-sounding music using classical instruments.
The special Grandbrother`s sound is based on Erol`s fantastic piano playing and Lukas` inventions, how to use the piano differently:
He created a series of electromechanical hammers that could be controlled via laptop (on software that he designed himself, no less) to ‘play’ the piano. This process allowed the duo to discover new, previously unknown sounds – sounds that couldn’t be achieved through conventional playing – which give the record its unique sonic style.
With further manipulation, using loops, effects, and amplification, „Dilation“ is an album with an extraordinary range of sound, a new style in piano playing and amazing compositions.
Classical, modern, expressive and emotional, with one foot on the dancefloor: Grandbrothers.

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