Fofoulah's music is rooted in the rhythms of Sabar, a traditional form of drumming from the Gambia and Senegal belonging to the Wolof people. Using the rhythmic language of these drums, the band combines elements of electronic music, dub, improvisation, groove and other world musics. The music explores the dialogue between these sounds, drawing on each member's background and influences.‘Fofoulah’ (meaning “it's there” in Wolof) takes the listener on a unique and exciting journey where traditional rhythms meet the diversity of the UK music scene.
Performing mainly in London and Bristol clubs, Fofoulah released ‘Bene Bop EP’ in 2013 with Senegalese singer Biram Seck. Later that year the band went to Real World Studios to record their debut album ‘FOFOULAH’ which is to be released on Glitterbeat Records in September 2014. Produced by drummer Dave Smith (Robert Plant, Juju and Outhouse Ruhabi collaborator) the album features Bristol resident Senegalese singer Batch Gueye, UK vocalist Ghostpoet, Algerian/Parisian singer Iness Mezel and Gambian born Fulani musician Juldeh Camara.

released on Glitterbeat

Fofoulah at Glitterbeat


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