Label: Noisolution

After their Masterpiece “Lowlands” THE FLYING EYES release a special collection of songs titled „Leave It All Behind Sessions“ - a compilation of country/folk mixed songs recorded over the last 5 years. It reflects a band who, throughout their musical journey, has explored more soulful sides of songwriting buried beneath walls of distortion.

Blues Harp, sitar, acoustic guitar…. This album is a reflection of america´s music history, a trip back into the 50s, 60s and 70s.

THE FLYING EYES recorded a collection of songs inspired of Country, Blues and Folk Rock. This is not a new direction but just a different side they have explored to escape the deafening fuzz and feedback.

It´s their view of american rock history. Tiny stories and huge songs, which show you the typical THE FLYING EYES spirit, not only because of the distinctive voice.

The Flying Eyes have swiftly achieved a notable following in Europe with extensive club tours and festival appearances. Hundreds of shows and years of touring later they release „Leave It All Behind Sessions“ – just a short move into another direction, an interlude, but first class and full of passion.

Noisolution The Flying Eyes


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