Dirtmusic: Lion City


Dirtmusic: Lion City

Release date : March 28th, 2014 on Glitterbeat

Hugo Race (Bad Seeds & The Fatalists) and Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts) are the core of Dirtmusic and their collaborations make the music what it is. They have hooked up here with the likes of Tamikrest, Ben Zabo, Super 11 and a stack of others. This was recorded in Bamako Mali in the same sessions that produced their last album ‘Troubles’ , but these show another side of the music they laid down then – it is more upbeat and has a sense of wonderment in the music that wasn’t possible before.

While the Ben Zabo band is still the core collaborator, the textures and tempos are slower and more opaque. Organics and electronics intertwine and unfold unpredictably. The outward frustration and fear documented on the previous album has given way to something more insular and pensive. The echoing space between the notes is emphasized and subsequently so are the voices and the texts.

La Chunga publishes Hugo Race

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