Nive Nielsen wins Stardust Award


Our wonderful Greenlandic musician Nive Nielsen was awarded the Stardust Price from the Danish crown prince couple on Saturday. This is an award for young, aspiring artists from Denmark. In the Alison Concert Hall in Sønderborg she received the with 50.000 Danish kroners endowed price from the Crown prince himself. In his speech he said about her: “ Nive Nielsen is a young ambitious star of Greenlandic Singer-/ Songwriters. With high naturalness she toured foreign countries over the past years, especially the United States and Canada.

Nive Nielsen combines her ethnical background  and pride with contemporary sounds. As a modern Eskimo Lady she looks at the world as her stage. Whether touring North Greenland in close collaboration with local musicians and tradition or being on stages in the hot scene of Los Angeles doesn’t make any difference. Nive Nielsen gives an outstanding example for the new Greenlandic identity, she is full of strength and openness. We hope that the Stardust Award inspires Nive Nielsen to new musical accomplishments.”


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