From Washington to Mount Washington


Official statement from Washington:

From the Americana inspired debut album, the poppier sophomore and the more challenging Rouge/Noir, we have always looked for a change. Again, with our new Album, we have changed. We have discovered a new direction to our band musically.
Not only that. In name, Washington has ceased to exist. In its place comes Mount Washington, the wiser, more reflected and edgier version of its youthful predecessor. Mount Washington will represent everything we have done until now,  but also something new. It is a second coming, a new dawn, a vision of hope and fututre achievements.*
The basis is the same one. Same band members, same wonderful label, same will to play music for everyone, everywhere. But just as with the city of Washington, the semantics of the band must change.
Mount Washington, originally a mountain with one of the most extreme conditions know to man, is now a band.
Yes, we can.
*also, because a certain singer from Australia took our name.


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