Savoy Grand’s accident book


Savoy Grand, the icons of deceleration, are not dead. They are not in prison. They have not gone. They are here!

Savoy Grand believe in saying something when there is something worth saying. Accident Book is the fourth album from Savoy Grand.  Produced by singer & songwriter Graham Langley, it is the follow up to 2005’s “People and What They Want”.

The 9 songs were recorded in various locations in Nottingham, including a self-built studio in a corner of a rundown former dairy. Shortly after the project began the building was condemned and closed down. But Savoy Grand had to continue, as they always do. There is a sense of purpose that keeps these songs coming; slowly moving forward, like glaciers.

But these are not frosty epic songs of sweeping landscapes, these are songs of sweet and tender sadness. Of those moments in life that, however small, can be profoundly moving, and strangely life affirming.

That life affirming quality has been embodied with the addition of new (since 2005…) drummer, Darren Simpson. He brings an insistence and dynamism to the sound. Along with the chiming guitar of Neil Johnson, and the mournful Piano & Clarinet of Kieran O’Riordan, a leaner, meaner & bolder sound has emerged. 

So, small incidents that go unnoticed but could change someone’s life forever, or catastrophes that affect us all. They all have to go in the book. The Accident Book.

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