NAÏVE France now sub-published by La Chunga


The French music company NAÏVE has signed a sub-publishing agreement for Germany, Austria and parts of Eastern Europe with La Chunga. NAÏVE`s repertoire is an asset to the La Chunga catalogue, representing more than 3000 copyrights and features amazing new and award winning artists like Asa, DatA, Moriarty, Brisa Roché, Steeple Remove. An extensive Soundtrack catalogue of 85 long feature film scores (representing 4 of the 15 most successful French films of all time) containins music in movies like Persepolis, Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’Tis, the Asterix trilogy, Jacques Tati and many more. NAÏVE is also La Chunga`s Sub-Publisher in France since many years.


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